Electrical Safe Products

Specialists in Explosionproof Electrical & Instrumentation Equipment

About Electrical Safe Products

Electrical Safe Products was established in 1997, originally based in the Midlands, specialising in explosion-proof equipment intended for use in a hazardous area.

Around the same time, the Telemecanique range of hazardous area electrical equipment was acquired by a company called Technor ATEX. On 1st May 2015, after becoming part of the Ex-Tech Group, Technor ATEX changed its name to Ex-Tech Solution. Ex-Tech Solution continue to work closely with Telemecanique (Group Schneider), manufacturing Ex-certified versions of a wide range of Schneider products including control and signalling, inductive sensors, limit switches and pressure switches expanding and updating the Ex product range thereby offering Schneider customers a convenient and familiar solution to their hazardous area applications.

The Ex-Tech Group is headquartered in Stavanger, Norway, one of the world's top centres of excellence with knowledge and technology related to the oil and gas industry. The group is focused solely on manufacturing hazardous area electrical equipment and, since their inception in 1991, have established a strong repuation of high-quality and cost-effective designs.

The Ex-Tech Group also has centre of excellence for manufacturing of audio and visual signaling Ex equipment, used mainly in combination with fire and gas as well as telecom systems.

Electrical Safe Products is the exclusive UK agent for Ex-Tech Solution. Therefore we are perfectly positioned to meet all requirements that you have for their products including former Telemecanique Ex products.

In March 2021 Electrical Safe Products became an official UK distributor for A Puissance 3 (AP3), an independent French company, mastering the design, production and marketing of products and services for measuring and controlling any industrial process, in particular in explosive atmospheres subject to European ATEX regulations. AP3 have an extrensive range of Intrinsically-safe digital displays, LED pilot lights, thermometers, transmitters, convertors and isolation interfaces as well as grounding systems for hazardous areas.

We aim to offer customers a complete range of Ex products, so in addition to the Ex-Tech Group and AP3 products, to provide customers with greater flexibility, competitive terms and an even larger range of products, we have forged strong relationships with the other major manufacturers of hazardous area products in the UK and Europe.